If I haven’t mentioned it on the blog already, I signed up for an online boot camp with the wonderful Tina from Best Body Fitness.

It started on Monday and it’s been kicking my butt so far. The workouts are tough but definitely doable. It makes me work but I still know that I can do it.

Every week you pick two goals to work on. This week I’ve been focusing on getting to bed early and making sure I write down everything that I eat. It’s so easy for me to sneak in things between meals when I’m not even thinking about it. Snacking is fine, but 2 or 3 snacks in one afternoon probably isn’t so great. And you know what? Since I’ve been trying to make an effort on these two things I’ve definitely noticed a difference.

One thing that I’ve really enjoyed but I didn’t realize I would like so much was the support from the other people in the boot camp. It’s been amazingly motivating. For some reason knowing that other people are working out too makes it less hard for me. I want to make sure I get my workout in because I know they’ll be doing it too.