Girly Stuff July 25 2012

Who knew girly stuff was so expensive. I was out or almost out of a bunch of stuff so I ended up heading to Wal Mart to get replacements.

I usually hate shopping there, but they have most things cheaper than anywhere else. I figure I can put up with annoying customers and employees that have no idea what they’re doing to save some money. I went voluntarily, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining to begin with.

Anyways, I by the time I got all the things I needed and the cashier told me how much the total came to, I was kind of shocked. It was all essentials (yes, shampoo and conditioner are essentials as I have collar bone length hair – I would be pretty disgusting if I didn’t use them), but it’s still surprising how expensive all that stuff is.

Besides shampoo and conditioner I got mousse (to attempt to give my lifeless fine hair some volume), hairspray, toner, shave gel, contact solution, and sunscreen (I work outside for a living, so I go through at least a couple tubes of it each summer).

I may have also gotten some candy, which although it wasn’t something that was on my list, I still felt I needed when I walked past it. I’m pretty sure that’s how Wal Mart is able to have such low prices – it’s those darn impulse buys!