Snowy Trees November 22 2012 (1)

We got a lot of snow yesterday. So much, that there was a heavy snowfall warning issued. Luckily the snow is done falling. Despite the shovelling and slippery roads, it did make things look pretty beautiful.

Snowy Trees November 22 2012 (3)

The trees in the backyard looked so pretty with the sun coming up behind them. Views like this make getting up early worth it.

Mandarin Oranges November 22 2012

Have I mentioned that I’m currently obsessed with mandarin oranges? I can’t get enough of them. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been eating a ton of them lately. I think it must be that I only ever eat them at Christmas. I’ll eat regular sized oranges year round, but there’s something about the little ones that make them so much better!

What’s your current favourite food that you can’t get enough of?