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Fitness Christmas List

A couple weeks ago I got a magazine in the mail from my favourite running store. Although I’m not running much right now (or at all), I still enjoy looking through it.

Fitness Christmas List (1)

They had a section with ideas for gifts, which made me start thinking about my Christmas list this year. It’s kind of a running joke in our family that my brother and I both make very detailed Christmas lists – which usually includes the color, size, store to buy the item at, and the approximate price. I guess we like to make it easy for the people buying us gifts.

I ended up making my Christmas list that night, and I thought I’d share it with you.

Bike Stand


This stand essentially makes your bike into a stationary bike. That means I’ll be able to ride the bike I bought a couple months ago inside even when it’s cold, snowy, and horrible outside.


Ipod Nano


Although I have an ipod classic, I want a shuffle for walks and bike rides. In the summer when I’m wearing shorts I don’t have pockets, so being able to clip a shuffle on is perfect.

Dance Central 3


I got Dance Central 2 last year for my birthday, and I really like it. When I found out that Dance Central 3 was released a couple weeks ago, I knew I wanted to get it. Even if I don’t find it under the tree, I’ll probably end up buying it during the boxing week sales.

BBW Vanilla Bean Lotion


I might have a slight obsession with anything Vanilla Bean Noel flavoured from Bath and Body Works. Whenever I put it on it smells like I’m slathering vanilla cake on myself. Okay, that might not sound good, but it smells amazing!

What’s on your Christmas list?

Woohoo! Here’s what I have going on this weekend:

1. Pride and Prejudice on Saturday night. I’m super excited about this. It’s one of my favourite books, can I can’t wait to see it in theatre form. I follow Theatre Calgary on Twitter, and they’ve been tweeting sneak peaks about the performance. Every time i read one I get a little more excited.

2. The weather isn’t going to be very nice this weekend. The forecast is for rain, snow, and cold temperatures. Summer is definitely long gone. I might already miss the sun and warmth a little bit.

3. It’s amazing how fast the leaves are changing outside. We had a bunch of wind the other day, and it blew most of the leaves off the tree right outside my bedroom window. It looks so sad now. I need to get outside more and enjoy the changing seasons. Before I know it, it’ll be winter already.

4. I’ve been craving candy corn like crazy for the last couple weeks. I finally broke down and bought some this week. I haven’t had any in a couple years, and it’s honestly not as good as I remembered it to be. Kind of a disappointment, but it still hits the spot when my sweet tooth acts up.

5. I bought a lock for my bike a couple days ago. There’s been a couple times when I’ve wished I’d have had one. Now I do and I can ride my bike, then leave it to walk the rest of the way. It’ll come in particularly useful in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park where there are a few spots that you’re not allowed to ride your bike.

6. I recently got photos printed from over the summer. Everything from soccer to vacation. I’m pretty happy now that I have them all labelled and in an album. I feel so organized

The State of Africa and Sense and Sensibility October 17 2012

7. I’m reading two really good books right now. I haven’t had much time to read this week, but I really want to put in a couple hours this weekend. The books are Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen and The State of Africa by Martin Meredith in case you were wondering.

8. That’s all I have. Enjoy your weekend!

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (7)

Monday I ended up finishing at work a little earlier than usual. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to go for a bike ride. I’m pretty lucky to have so many bike paths so close to the house.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (1)

I rode over the pedestrian bridge that goes over the highway. I know it doesn’t look very long, but while you’re on it it feels like it takes forever to get to the other side.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (2)

I had never gone for a walk or bike ride in this neighbourhood before, though I do go there to go grocery shopping sometimes. It’s totally different going on foot than it is by car.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (3)

I’m always paranoid I’m going to get lost, so I made sure to pick out landmarks to be able to find my way back. Once I take this path a couple more times I’ll figure it out.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (5)

The weather was perfect. It was a sunny day with not many clouds in the sky. I wore a hoodie but once I got started going I was hot. I could have done without it.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (6)

I definitely need to do more post work workouts. Most of the time I don’t cause I’m tired, but I felt like I had a ton of energy afterwards.

Even though I wasn’t out for very long, my legs got a great workout. When I got off my bike back at the house my legs felt like jello.

When’s your favourite time to workout?

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (1)

Last week my dad and I went to a new park. It’s a little over a year old, and it was the first time we’d visited it.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (4)

Just a couple minutes from the parking lot we came to a lookout with some amazing views.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (5)

It’s easy to understand why people settled here way back in the day. It’s such a pretty place.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (23)

Most of the paths were bike accessible, though there were a few where bikes weren’t allowed. I definitely want to come back and explore more of the park, especially the trails where I couldn’t take my bike.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (8)

There were lots of interpretive signs along the way to point interesting things out.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (10)

It’s pretty cool to think that even though the house that was once here is long gone, the fireplace still survives.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (12)

There were all kinds of browns and golds everywhere. I’d love to come back here at different times through the year to see how it changes. I bet it would be beautiful in the spring.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (21)

I rode my bike while my dad walked. The parking lot is at the top of a huge hill, and all the paths I saw lead down. By the time we started back to the car, I was tired but we still had to go back up the hill. I made it 3/4 of the way up before my legs felt like jello and I couldn’t pedal anymore, so I had to walk my bike up the last part. Next time I’m going to bike all the way up that hill!

Running Room Magazine

Every couple of months I get a magazine from my local running store. I usually always read it and enjoy it. But for some reason the last one I got made me sad.

I haven’t run since May. May! That seems like a really long time. I guess it is a long time – four months. I stopped cause my plantar fasciitis came back. I haven’t started again cause it’s still in my one foot, though it’s definitely better than it was.

I thought for sure I’d be feeling better by now, but I’m not. I wasn’t every consistent or good at running, but I definitely liked doing it. It made me feel strong and capable every time I’d finish a run that I didn’t think I’d be able to do.

There’s always a silver lining though. Since I’ve stopped running I’ve played soccer (which I’ve really really liked), started yoga again, and bought a bike. I probably wouldn’t have done any of those things if I was still running.

I know I’ll get back to running at some point once my foot is back to being 100%. I shouldn’t be all that sad about it cause some really good things have come out of being injured. I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (12)

1. I didn’t have to go into work today, so my dad and I went on a bike ride this morning. It was my first time going to the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. It was beautiful!

2. There’s snow in the forecast for next week. I’m not impressed in the least.

3. I was carrying entirely too much change around in my wallet. I decided to put it in rolls this afternoon, so I found out exactly how much is too much. No wonder my bag weighed a ton.

4. I’m going for a walk with a friend tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to have some time to hang out. There’s a secret that I have to keep from her for the next couple weeks though (it’s a good secret, don’t worry), but I’m scared it’s going to slip out before I have a chance to stop myself. I’m so bad at lying.

Cranberry Orange Scone September 28 2012

5. I’ve eaten two cranberry orange scones the last few days that my dad bought at the farmer’s market. They’re beyond delicious. I’m surprised I haven’t eaten every single one.

6. I haven’t baked anything in a week or two. I need to make sure I make something tasty this weekend.

7. I’ve bought some really good books lately that I really really really want to start, but I’m already in the middle of two (good) books. I need to read faster.

8. It’s date night tonight!

9. Enjoy your weekend.

Bike September 2012

1. It’s already September 21. Summer flew by way too fast, and now before I know it, it’ll be winter and fall will be over too.

2. I bought a new bike this week. More about it later, but it’s awesome. Let’s just say I’m a little wobbly at times – I don’t think I’ve ridden a bike since junior high. That’s 15 years!

3. I’ve been planning out bike routes. Yeah, I may or may not have done that at work yesterday.

Pocky September 21 2012

4. I got these candy things at a sushi restaurant on the weekend. Then I saw them at London Drugs this week. I’ve never seen them before in my life, and now I see them twice in one week. Weird.

5. The weather has been amazing the last couple weeks. It still feels like summer, with temperatures in the mid twenties. Today was 25C, (77F) perfect if you ask me.

6. I have a date tonight with the boyfriend.

7. I’m going to a birthday party Saturday night. Someone asked me if there was going to be a bouncy castle. I doubt it, as the birthday boy is turning 31.

8. I’ve ordered two things online last week. I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival. I’m like a little kid. Why does shipping always seem to take foreeeeeeever?

9. Have a great weekend!