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Last week my dad and I went out to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park for another hike. It’s a good thing we went when we did cause we’re supposed to be getting up to 20 centimetres of snow by tonight.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (5)

We decided to start off by taking the Tiger Lily Loop. We didn’t go this way last time cause I had my bike and bikes weren’t allowed on this path.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (8)

I thought the field looked so cool with the lines in it. The mountains were really clear that day too.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (17)

It was really windy the day we went, but not necessarily cold. I was the perfect temperature with a hoodie and capris, but the wind was doing a number on my hands, so I had to put on my mitts. BTW, my hair usually doesn’t look like that, it was the wind, I promise.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (24)

Since part of the park used to be a quarry there’s equipment and old buildings left behind. It’s pretty cool to think that these things were here about a hundred years ago.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (123)

The only thing that survived a house fire was this fireplace.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (28)

We had gotten an early start for our hike, so the sun was just starting to hit some of the western slopes. These leaves still had frost on them.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (32)

This section of the park is so pretty with all the bare trees. I bet it would be gorgeous in the summer in full bloom too.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (36)

The bright yellow leaves were such a contrast with the blue sky.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (66)

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (87)

Gates like this kept the bikes out but pedestrians could go right through.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (90)

This building served as the general store and post office til they were closed down.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (104)

It’s kind of funny to think of rich people building their houses out here in the middle of nowhere.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (106)

I can see why they’d want to though, they’d have amazing views from on top of that hill.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (111)

I know it doesn’t look like it from this photo, but the hill that that path goes up is monstrously huge. As in your legs and butt burn by the time you make it to the top. It’s definitely a good workout, but pretty exhausting too.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (113)

You can’t go wrong with the Bow River and mountains in the same photo.

Pinterest Pumpkin Cookies

Every year for Thanksgiving I make these amazing pumpkin cookies. They’ve become a Thanksgiving staple in our house, just like turkey or cranberry sauce. I found the recipe in Martha Stewart’s Cookies. They’re amazing – they’re basically pumpkin pie in a cookie.

There’s lots of pumpkin puree in this recipe – which is why I think it tastes so good. There’s also quite a bit of brown sugar, but it surprisingly doesn’t make the cookies too sweet.

Pumpkin Cookies (4)

The icing came together really quick. With the butter, evaporated milk, and vanilla that’s in it, this icing is pretty rich.

Pumpkin Cookies (1)

There was lots of icing, so each cookie get a pretty good amount. I had a little icing left over, but a few cookies got eaten for the sake of “quality assurance” before they I got around to icing them.

Even though I got the recipe from a cookbook, it’s also available online in the Martha Stewart site. Click here to check it out.

We’re having our Thanksgiving dinner tonight, and I can’t wait. I hope everyone else who’s celebrating enjoys lots of good food and time with family.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (1)

Last week my dad and I went to a new park. It’s a little over a year old, and it was the first time we’d visited it.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (4)

Just a couple minutes from the parking lot we came to a lookout with some amazing views.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (5)

It’s easy to understand why people settled here way back in the day. It’s such a pretty place.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (23)

Most of the paths were bike accessible, though there were a few where bikes weren’t allowed. I definitely want to come back and explore more of the park, especially the trails where I couldn’t take my bike.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (8)

There were lots of interpretive signs along the way to point interesting things out.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (10)

It’s pretty cool to think that even though the house that was once here is long gone, the fireplace still survives.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (12)

There were all kinds of browns and golds everywhere. I’d love to come back here at different times through the year to see how it changes. I bet it would be beautiful in the spring.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (21)

I rode my bike while my dad walked. The parking lot is at the top of a huge hill, and all the paths I saw lead down. By the time we started back to the car, I was tired but we still had to go back up the hill. I made it 3/4 of the way up before my legs felt like jello and I couldn’t pedal anymore, so I had to walk my bike up the last part. Next time I’m going to bike all the way up that hill!

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (12)

1. I didn’t have to go into work today, so my dad and I went on a bike ride this morning. It was my first time going to the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. It was beautiful!

2. There’s snow in the forecast for next week. I’m not impressed in the least.

3. I was carrying entirely too much change around in my wallet. I decided to put it in rolls this afternoon, so I found out exactly how much is too much. No wonder my bag weighed a ton.

4. I’m going for a walk with a friend tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to have some time to hang out. There’s a secret that I have to keep from her for the next couple weeks though (it’s a good secret, don’t worry), but I’m scared it’s going to slip out before I have a chance to stop myself. I’m so bad at lying.

Cranberry Orange Scone September 28 2012

5. I’ve eaten two cranberry orange scones the last few days that my dad bought at the farmer’s market. They’re beyond delicious. I’m surprised I haven’t eaten every single one.

6. I haven’t baked anything in a week or two. I need to make sure I make something tasty this weekend.

7. I’ve bought some really good books lately that I really really really want to start, but I’m already in the middle of two (good) books. I need to read faster.

8. It’s date night tonight!

9. Enjoy your weekend.

This post is better late than never, right? Just pretend it’s Monday while you’re reading this.

Five Guys September 25 2012


I went to Five Guys for the first time on Friday night. The boyfriend lives a couple blocks away from one, so we thought we’d check it out. I got a little cheeseburger and we shared some Cajun fries. It was pretty good.

Saturday was mostly errands and laundry. Saturday night was a friend’s birthday party. You know you’re getting old when your friends turn 30-something and it doesn’t sound old. As a teenager I would have thought that was ancient! I had a barbequed burger and veggies and piece of pumpkin birthday cake for dessert.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary September 23 2012 (3)

Sunday I spent with the boyfriend. We ended up at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Neither of us had ever been there before. There were quite a few paths to walk along. It was really pretty with the changing leaves.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary September 23 2012 (1)

I swear there are birds in this photo! The Canadian Geese are by the closest island. Ironically we only saw one other bird there. Kind of funny that at the bird sanctuary we only saw two different birds.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary September 23 2012 (2)

I would definitely go for a walk here again. Even though we were there on a Sunday morning with quite a few other people, it never felt crowded.

The bird sanctuary is in a pretty cute neighbourhood. On the way there we passed a Mexican restaurant, so we went to it for lunch. We shared a plate of nachos (oh so cheesy and delicious) and a chicken quesadilla. I may or may not have had a margarita.

Anne of Windy Poplars September 25 2012 (1)

Little Men Jo's Boys September 25 2012

We walked over to a used book store after lunch. I found the fourth Anne of Green Gables book I had been looking for. I also found the other two books in the Little Women series, which I haven’t read yet. The best part of finding these books is that they don’t look like they’ve ever been read.

Shaun of the Dead September 25 2012

Once we got back to the boyfriend’s place we decided to watch Shaun of the Dead. I don’t think that movie ever gets old. If you haven’t seen it I would definitely recommend it.

Garden Tomatoes September 24 2012

I thought I saw something read on one of the tomato plants, and when I went outside to check it out, I was right. I ended up picking quite a few tomatoes. They were perfectly sweet. No matter how many tomatoes I eat from the grocery store, none of them taste like garden grown ones.

Sunday night I had my second yoga class. We did a lot of the same poses, so it was great to be able to do them again because this time I kind of knew what I was doing. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

What was your favourite part of your weekend?

Bike September 2012

1. It’s already September 21. Summer flew by way too fast, and now before I know it, it’ll be winter and fall will be over too.

2. I bought a new bike this week. More about it later, but it’s awesome. Let’s just say I’m a little wobbly at times – I don’t think I’ve ridden a bike since junior high. That’s 15 years!

3. I’ve been planning out bike routes. Yeah, I may or may not have done that at work yesterday.

Pocky September 21 2012

4. I got these candy things at a sushi restaurant on the weekend. Then I saw them at London Drugs this week. I’ve never seen them before in my life, and now I see them twice in one week. Weird.

5. The weather has been amazing the last couple weeks. It still feels like summer, with temperatures in the mid twenties. Today was 25C, (77F) perfect if you ask me.

6. I have a date tonight with the boyfriend.

7. I’m going to a birthday party Saturday night. Someone asked me if there was going to be a bouncy castle. I doubt it, as the birthday boy is turning 31.

8. I’ve ordered two things online last week. I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival. I’m like a little kid. Why does shipping always seem to take foreeeeeeever?

9. Have a great weekend!

Fall is definitely my favourite season. I love everything about it – the changing leaves, the cooler days, and Thanksgiving. I thought I’d share of my favourite Pinterest fall pictures. Enjoy!

Fall Bench September 20 2012


Fall Road September 20 2012


Fall Lake September 20 2012


Fall Leaves on Road September 20 2012


Fall Roots September 20 2012


Fall Sun September 20 2012


I was looking through some photos of Bowmont in the fall and thought I’d share some.

Bowmont is probably one of my favorite places in the city. It’s so pretty at any time of the year. I’m missing it a lot. While I still go for walks there in the winter, it’s only on warmer days. Because it follows the river it gets pretty windy (cold), so unless you’re covered up with mitts, a scarf, and a hat, you freeze. Literally.

You can’t go wrong with a view of the river.

I wan’t wait for warmer days when I’ll be able to spend more time there. Not just more walks, but longer ones too.

I thought I’d share some photos of Bowmont with you. I know I keep saying how beautiful it is there, but I thought I’d prove it to you! These photos are from September of last year, so right now most of the grass is golden, but there’s still lots of berries and brightly colored bushes all over the place.

This is Waterfall Valley. There’s a boardwalk down there that leads to three little waterfalls and twenty feet later, the Bow River. The waterfalls look like they belong in a fairy tale. They may not be very big, but they’re beautiful.

This is the view from one of my favorite spots to sit and think. It’s at the top of a bluff just above the waterfalls. This is the view to the west, with the mountains in the distance. Those two black bridges over the river are for trains, and it’s pretty cool to see them come by. I could sit here taking in the view for hours.

This is that same spot, but to the east. See that second rock from the front? It’s mine. There’s where I sit. Two beautiful views, an almost comfy rock to sit on, it doesn’t get much better than that.

There are a couple spots in Bowmont where it doesn’t even feel like you’re in a city of a million people. There’s no noise from traffic, there’s no buildings, there’s just wildflowers and birds.

So now that you know about one of my favorite places, what are some of yours? Do you have a favorite park, hillside, or tree?

So now

I’m a huge baker. Most weeks I make at least a couple things. I’m constantly on the lookout for the next recipe to try. The other day I ended up on the Cooking Light website and I bookmarked a few recipes. They all remind me of fall. Although I haven’t tried any of them yet, I thought I’d share them with you.


Double Crusted Apple Pie 

As if this apple pie didn’t look delicious enough, it’s made with my favorite kind of apples, Granny Smith!


Peanut Butter Caramel Corn

I love peanut butter, caramel, and popcorn, so this has to be good.


Pumpkin Scones

I think these would be so tasty first thing in the morning. Yum.