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Seed Starting March 28 2013 (1)

This week I started some seeds inside. While the last frost date for Calgary isn’t until the end of May, I usually don’t plant anything outside until June, so these guys will be inside for awhile still.

Seed Starting March 28 2013 (2)

This year I’m trying celery and eggplant for the first time. I also have some tomato, cucumber, and zucchini started too. I’m always so impatient waiting for the first seeds to germinate. The next week or two is going to seem so long. I’m thinking it’s going to be either the cucumber or zucchini that will germinate first.

Check out this post from last year about how I start the plants inside.

Click here to see the garden in full swing last August. Everything in that garden I started from seed. It’s so easy and so much cheaper than buying plants from the nursery.

To check out the harvest I had to pick before the snow started in the fall, check this out. All those green tomatoes ripened inside. There was also a lot of produce that was picked before – that’s just the stuff that I had to bring inside before the frost got to it.

Do you have a garden? What are you growing this year?

A couple weeks ago I ordered some seeds for this year’s garden. I was pretty excited to be ordering them cause it means that eventually the snow and cold weather will go away and spring and sunshine will be here instead.

Seeds February 7 2013 (1)

I’ve used tomato seeds from Casey before and really liked them, I got lots of tomatoes from all the different kinds I tried, so I figured I’d get some more from him. He shipped them out really quick, and I had them within 48 hours of ordering.

If you’re wondering if tomatoes are worth growing, that definitely are! There’s nothing like biting into a tomato that’s full of flavour an hour after it was picked.You’ll never want to go back to grocery store tomatoes again.

Seeds February 7 2013

From Baker Creek I got eggplant, romaine lettuce, and spinach seeds. I’ve never tried to grow eggplant or spinach, so we’ll see how it goes. For the eggplant seeds I picked a variety that had a shorter growing season cause the growing season here in Calgary is notoriously short.

Seeds January 18 2013

In addition to the seeds I bought this year, I also have the ones from the last couple years that I’m going to plant too. I’m looking forward to lots of zucchinis again, they were sooo good last year!

Do you have a garden? What are you planning on planting this year?

Garden Harvest October 1 2012 (1)

Last night I picked the last of the veggies left in the garden. We’re supposed to get a rain/snow mix today. I can’t believe in 12 hours we’ll have snow. I’m so not ready for winter yet.

Garden Harvest October 1 2012 (3)

We’ve had frost already a couple times, so a couple of my tomatoes and one of my zucchinis were done, but for the most part I made out pretty good. While there’s still lots of tomatoes that are green and need to ripen, that’s okay with me. They’ll still be just as tasty once they turn red. The tomatoes are super sweet this year. I don’t know if it was the kind of seeds I planted or what, but I don’t remember them ever being so sweet.

Garden Harvest October 1 2012 (2)

I think I’m going to use a couple of the zucchinis to make zucchini bread. It’s so tasty and it always disappears so fast in this house.

Did you have a garden this summer? How did you make out?

This post is better late than never, right? Just pretend it’s Monday while you’re reading this.

Five Guys September 25 2012


I went to Five Guys for the first time on Friday night. The boyfriend lives a couple blocks away from one, so we thought we’d check it out. I got a little cheeseburger and we shared some Cajun fries. It was pretty good.

Saturday was mostly errands and laundry. Saturday night was a friend’s birthday party. You know you’re getting old when your friends turn 30-something and it doesn’t sound old. As a teenager I would have thought that was ancient! I had a barbequed burger and veggies and piece of pumpkin birthday cake for dessert.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary September 23 2012 (3)

Sunday I spent with the boyfriend. We ended up at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Neither of us had ever been there before. There were quite a few paths to walk along. It was really pretty with the changing leaves.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary September 23 2012 (1)

I swear there are birds in this photo! The Canadian Geese are by the closest island. Ironically we only saw one other bird there. Kind of funny that at the bird sanctuary we only saw two different birds.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary September 23 2012 (2)

I would definitely go for a walk here again. Even though we were there on a Sunday morning with quite a few other people, it never felt crowded.

The bird sanctuary is in a pretty cute neighbourhood. On the way there we passed a Mexican restaurant, so we went to it for lunch. We shared a plate of nachos (oh so cheesy and delicious) and a chicken quesadilla. I may or may not have had a margarita.

Anne of Windy Poplars September 25 2012 (1)

Little Men Jo's Boys September 25 2012

We walked over to a used book store after lunch. I found the fourth Anne of Green Gables book I had been looking for. I also found the other two books in the Little Women series, which I haven’t read yet. The best part of finding these books is that they don’t look like they’ve ever been read.

Shaun of the Dead September 25 2012

Once we got back to the boyfriend’s place we decided to watch Shaun of the Dead. I don’t think that movie ever gets old. If you haven’t seen it I would definitely recommend it.

Garden Tomatoes September 24 2012

I thought I saw something read on one of the tomato plants, and when I went outside to check it out, I was right. I ended up picking quite a few tomatoes. They were perfectly sweet. No matter how many tomatoes I eat from the grocery store, none of them taste like garden grown ones.

Sunday night I had my second yoga class. We did a lot of the same poses, so it was great to be able to do them again because this time I kind of knew what I was doing. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

What was your favourite part of your weekend?

A couple weeks ago on I was browsing on Pinterest and found a recipe for baked zucchini crisps. The photo looked amazing so I clicked on it to find out more. Once I’d read the recipe I decided I had to make them. I had a couple zucchinis from the garden to use, so I thought this would be the perfect recipe to use one in.

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps_thumb[1]

I used a mandolin to slice the zucchinis – which would have taken forever by and, plus I can guarantee that they wouldn’t have been as uniformly cut. I’m so glad someone invented mandolins! Once it was all sliced I tossed them in the olive oil.

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps (1)_thumb[2]

I put together the panko and parmesan mixture – super simple and easy.

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps (2)_thumb[1]

When the recipe says to press the zucchinis into the bread crumbs, they mean press! Once I did a few I got the hang of it, and the rest went pretty quick. Usually I end up running out of breading, but with this recipe there was enough to do the whole zucchini.

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps (4)_thumb[1]

I definitely should have cooked them a few more minutes, but they were still delicious! They were in the oven for the higher end of the time suggestion, but I think after a few more minutes they would have been perfect.

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps (3)_thumb[1]

Despite being a tiny but undercooked, they were really tasty. The outside was crispy and the inside was tender and moist. I’ll definitely be making these guys again, the only difference is with a slightly longer baking time.

Click here for the recipe over at the Black Jack Bake House.

America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook September 11 2012

With all the zucchini we’ve been getting from our garden I decided to make zucchini bread with one of them. I used a recipe from one of my favourite cookbooks, ATK Healthy Family Cookbook.

Zucchini Bread Batter September 11 2012

After preparing the zucchini and squeezing as much of the moisture out of as possible (the cookbook said that was the key to making it), the batter came together pretty quick.

Zucchini Bread September 11 2012

The zucchini bread was perfectly golden brown when I took it out of the oven. It smelled really good too. It came out of the pan amazingly well, it didn’t fall apart at all. As good as it smelled though, it tasted even better.

I think this is now my go to recipe for zucchini bread.

I know I’ve mentioned my garden quite a few times on the blog, so I thought I’d finally show it to you!

Garden August 14 2012 (1)

As you can tell, it’s jam packed. The big leaves are the zucchini plants. They’re planted in the very back, but they like to have lots of room, so they’ve spread out quite a bit. I honestly didn’t think they’d get that big. I guess I’ll know for next year.

The tomatoes are next to the zucchini plants. There’s lots of flowers on those guys, and some green tomatoes are beginning to grow. When I bought the seeds a couple years ago I thought they were going to be planted in containers, so the guy selling them suggested cherry tomatoes. It shouldn’t take too long for them to ripen – I think I’ll be eating them in less than a month.

There’s also three or four cucumber plants in there, but they’re not doing so well. A couple weeks after I planted them we had a few hail storms and they got beat up pretty bad. Only one of them died, but the rest of them are just now starting to flower. I really don’t think they’ll have enough time to grow.

Garden August 14 2012 (2)

We have tonnes of lettuce this year. My dad went a little crazy planting it. I think we have enough for half our neighbourhood. I guess that’ll mean we’ll have more room for other veggies next year.

There’s also some basil and rosemary in there, that I forgot to take pictures of. Those are the only two plants that we bought. The rest of the garden is planted from seeds. If you’re curious about where I got the seeds from, this is the guy I got my tomato seeds from (Casey’s Heirloom Tomatoes), and this is where I got the rest of my seeds (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds).

Have you planted a garden this summer? What do you have growing in it?

This weekend was another one that flew by. How does that always seem to happen?

Friday night I went on a date – a tasty dinner followed by watching the sunset at Bowmont. Bowmont wasn’t quite as fun as I had hoped though, cause I forgot bug spray and we got eaten alive by the mosquitoes.

Muffin Mix August 13 2012

Saturday morning I was up early and decided to “make” (by make I mean add a couple eggs and some water, it wasn’t really baking) some blueberry muffins. I wasn’t feeling the cereal in the pantry, and the muffins seemed easy enough to make.

Blueberry Muffins August 13 2012

They turned out pretty good. You really can’t go wrong with a breakfast that makes the kitchen smell so good.

Zucchini in Garden August 13 2012

Last night when I was watering I found another zucchini that was ready to be picked. Isn’t he a beauty?

Zucchini from Garden August 13 2012

Who knows why the zucchini ended up turning out curvy. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll taste good anyways.

Sunday I went out for lunch, though I had pancakes and fruit. It’s allowed to have two breakfasts in one day, right?

Zucchini Bread

When I got home I decided to make zucchini bread with the zucchini. I have to admit it was pretty tasty. It didn’t last very long without someone “testing” a piece.

Did you do anything exciting over the weekend?

I can’t be the only one that’s enjoying the fact that there’s so many long weekends during the summer. Not having to go into work on Monday makes such a difference even though it’s only one day!

Zucchini August 7 2012

Friday I found this zucchini in my garden. I could have sworn that only a couple days ago it was half the size. It must be the hot weather we’ve been having lately.

Zucchhini August 7 2012

I cut it off and had to think for a day or two about how I was going to eat it. Being that it was my first one from my garden, I had to make sure I had just the right thing to put it in.

Goat Cheese Pizza August 7 2012

Saturday I ended up having goat cheese pizza. Yeah, it was just as amazing as it sounds. So delicious!

Pasta Salad August 7 2012

Sunday morning I decided on putting the zucchini in a pasta salad. I made this salad once before and it was pretty good, so I figured it was worthy of my zucchini. It didn’t disappoint.

Trail Mix Augst 7 2012

I’ve been watching a lot of Olympic soccer. I spent Monday afternoon watching the Canada – US women’s game while eating Olympic mix. Yeah, I’m cool like that. It was a crazy intense game, non-stop action. If you didn’t watch it you missed out on two hours of amazing soccer. The outcome (and reffing) of the game is a whole other post though, so I’ll end by saying that both teams played their hearts out and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Pride and Prejudice August 7 2012

I also spent a good chunk of time this weekend reading one of my favourite books – Pride and Prejudice. This has to be one of the most popular books ever. It always makes me think of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. If you haven’t seen that movie you need to see it soon!

Did you do anything exciting with your extra day off?

Long Weekend August 3 2012

1. It’s a long weekend! You can’t go wrong with Mondays that you don’t have to work.

2. It’s the second last long weekend of the summer. It’s gone by so fast already.

3. We had a rainy day here yesterday, but the weekend is supposed to be nice. I think we’re pretty lucky with that timing.

4. There’s a zucchini growing in the garden that I really want to pick, but I know I have to wait. It’s driving me crazy, cause I think it’s going to taste AMAZING!

5. Only two more weeks until my vacation starts. I’m so looking forward to it.

6. While on vacation, we’ll be celebrating the first birthday of a very special little guy. I can’t wait.

7. I’m thinking I’m going to take some time out to watch some Olympic soccer. The Canadian women’s team has made it to the quarter finals. Exciting!

8. Hoping you enjoy your weekend!