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Morning December 4 2012


Since I’m doing Tina’s boot camp right now, I’m pretty motivated to keep up with everyone else participating when it comes to getting workouts int. The last couple weeks or so I’ve been working really hard to get my workouts in during the morning – usually the very first thing I do.

I like having my workouts done. I don’t have to worry about trying to fit them into my day if it was the first thing I did. For the most part my days tend to get busier as they go on, so first thing in the morning is the perfect time for me.

Morning workouts give me an extra oomph to my day. I feel good knowing it’s already done. I have more energy. It gets me started getting things done earlier than if I don’t workout.

I have one less shower to take if I workout first thing in the morning. I’m all about saving time when it comes to workouts, so if I can cut two showers a day to one, I’m happy.

Yesterday I caught myself thinking (in the middle of a workout no less), that working out first thing in the morning felt pretty awesome. It gives me confidence in myself that I made doing something good for myself a priority.

When do you workout? Why does that time work for you?

Accountability November 20 2012

Accountability is a huge motivator for me to get my workouts in. If I know I’m meeting someone for a walk, I’ll go. If I’m doing a challenge and i know other people will be working out, I’ll make the effort to get my workout in too. If I know I might earn enough points on Fitocracy to level up, I’ll try to get in as many reps as I can to get every last point.

This morning I made plans with a friend to go for a walk. We haven’t been in two weeks. Two weeks ago it was because there was a ton of snow and it was cold. Last week it was my birthday and we decided to do dinner instead. But I want to get back on track, and we now have plans to walk

I recently joined a challenge over at Nutritionella called Elf for Health. Basically you’re buddied up with an “elf” for 6 weeks – you get a new one every two weeks – and you check in with each other and hold each other accountable. Friday at midnight is the deadline to sign up, so head over and sign up while you can.

I know I’ve talked about Fitocracy a few times already on the blog, but I wanted to say again how much it motivates me. \Essentially you earn points for workouts, and the more points you earn, the faster you level up. One thing that I really really love over there is the amazing community. They’re so supportive. If you have questions, there’s always someone who’s willing to help you out.

Having a community of people around me that motivate and support me is what makes fitness and healthy eating so much easier. What kind of accountability do you have? Who helps you when you need a little motivation?

Boot Camp November 6  2012

I haven’t been feeling very motivated so far this week to workout. I don’t know what it is, but just thinking of having to get out of my warm bed to do a workout just makes me want to roll over and fall asleep again.

But I ended up getting up both yesterday and today to workout. Sure, it would be nice to sleep in for another hour, but it’s also pretty fun to be able to check off today’s workout.

Knowing that I have somewhere to be accountable and actually write down if I’ve gotten the day’s workout in has been working wonders for me. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it definitely makes me want to get it done. I totally understand now why people record their workouts – whether it’s online or in a notebook.

Have you tried doing it before? Does it motivate you to get moving?

Boot Camp October 30  2012

This is the second week of boot camp, and I’m still right on schedule with my workouts – I haven’t missed one yet. I think the reason why I’ve been so motivated is because I know there’s a ton of other people doing the same workout as me every day.

I always workout in the morning, as soon as I get up. It’s definitely tough getting up some mornings when it feels like I’ve only been in bed for half an hour. But then I think of the people who are up and getting it done, and I know I should do the same thing.

I have a friend that I go on walks with. I know I’ve mentioned her before, but I wanted to say again, that having people around me to keep me accountable is so encouraging to me.

There’s a Facebook group for everyone participating in the boot camp, and I love reading how everyone is doing – their struggles and successes. Knowing we’re all doing the same thing makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning.







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Little Black Dress

I’m already thinking about what I’m going to wear to Pride and Prejudice when I go in October. Yeah, I may not be very girly, but it’s been a long time since I last got to dress up.

I bought this dress a couple years ago for work. I know the photo isn’t that great, but I really like how it looks on me. It’s the only dress I own. Or have owned in a very long time.

I haven’t worn it since I bought it. I’ve definitely gained a little weight since then. It still fits, but it could definitely look better. So my plan is to watch my eating and make sure I get in all my workouts every week and lose a little weight so it looks amazing again when I wear it to Pride and Prejudice.

Cause we all know a night of “sucking it in” isn’t fun at all.

A couple months ago I wanted to get an app for my phone to keep track of the distance I walk. Up until then I was trying to map it once I got home with Runkeeper, but it wasn’t always that accurate.

Cardio trainer App September 12 2012

After a little bit of googling, I decided to try Cardio Trainer. I had some really good reviews, plus it was free (you can pay a couple dollars for an “enhanced version").

Cardio trainer App September 12 2012 (1)

I’ve been using it for a couple months now and I’m really liking it. It has just enough stats (like distance, time, pace, steps) to keep me motivated, without being overwhelming. At the beginning of a walk I’ll set myself a goal of walking X number of steps, or going for a certain distance.

It’s pretty easy to use too. Every once in awhile I pause it if I come to a bench with a pretty view and want to sit down for a couple minutes and enjoy it – all it takes is one button to pause it, and  one button to start it again once I’m ready to start off.

What are some of your favourite fitness related apps?

Bowmont September 23, 2010 029

For the last couple months now I’ve been walking every week with some friends. It’s been awesome being able to spend more time with them while getting in a workout at the same time

It started out with three of us, but the last little while one hasn’t been coming very often. But even when it’s just the two of us, we always make it a priority to get together.

It’s not always just us going, but most of the time there’s two dogs, and sometimes there’s even two kids. I usually volunteer to push the stroller cause doing that and wrangling two dogs can be a lot for one person to do all at once. It’s a double stroller so it’s definitely bigger than the regular ones. I’d like to think it gives me a little better workout – especially when I’m pushing it uphill.

My friends keep me motivated to make sure I get the walks in. It’s really easy for me to tell myself that I don’t have time for it, or I’ll do it tomorrow, but when I have it planned with them I make sure I go. They’re expecting me to be there so I show up.

We usually meet up at my friends house, ten minutes from where I live. She has two big parks near her, so it’s a great place to start from cause we can go to either one. It’s also a nice neighbourhood to walk in too, so sometimes we just end up staying in the residential area.

If you’re looking for some accountability with your workouts, I’d definitely try working out with someone.

Each Day September 4 2012


The last couple days I’ve been eating amazingly good – better than I have been in a couple months. It’s been awesome.

Then last night happened. I helped the boyfriend move yesterday afternoon for a couple hours, carrying boxes into the house. I was hot, tired, and sweaty by the time I left. I was hungry too, but I figured dinner was only an hour or so away, so I’d just wait to eat.

Dinner ended up being later than I thought. Much later – like 3 hours later. By that time I was ravenous, but I didn’t eat enough dinner. So twenty minutes later I ate a candy bar and Twizzlers for dessert. Cause eating a massive dessert and pumping myself full of sugar is better than having seconds of a healthy dinner, right?

My first lesson from last night is to make sure I eat before I get crazy hungry. Cause obviously letting myself get that hungry doesn’t work for me.

My second lesson is to not let it hang over me. Last night was last night. Today is today. Bad decisions last night don’t have to effect today. I’m capable of making good decisions today even though I messed up last night. I don’t have to keep making myself feel bad.