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Friday August 10 2012


Is it just me or is anyone else very grateful that it’s Friday? I have two work free days ahead of me that I’m really looking forward to. I think it’s when I have a long week at work that I most enjoy the weekends.

I have a date tonight, but other than that I have absolutely nothing else planned for the weekend. It’s going to be nice not to have my weekend full of things I have to do. I’ll actually get a break!

After work this afternoon I stopped by Old Navy cause their jeans were on sale. Of course once I was in there and looking around, I ended up getting a couple other things too, but when you’re at Old Navy it can’t be too bad for the budget, right?

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out today’s Google Doodle. Take it from someone who’s played as keeper, it’s a lot easier to play online than in real life!

Speaking of soccer, yesterday Canada played France for the bronze medal in women’s soccer. It was on really early in the morning here, and I knew if I turned it on, I wouldn’t want to turn it off when it was time to leave for work. So instead I kept checking the score online. Right before I had to leave, I checked one more time, only to find out what Canada had won! I was pretty excited to say the least. Those ladies definitely deserved it and worked hard. This is the first team medal Canada has won in 74 years. Hopefully it won’t take another 74 years to win another one!

Enjoy your weekend.

I can’t be the only one that’s enjoying the fact that there’s so many long weekends during the summer. Not having to go into work on Monday makes such a difference even though it’s only one day!

Zucchini August 7 2012

Friday I found this zucchini in my garden. I could have sworn that only a couple days ago it was half the size. It must be the hot weather we’ve been having lately.

Zucchhini August 7 2012

I cut it off and had to think for a day or two about how I was going to eat it. Being that it was my first one from my garden, I had to make sure I had just the right thing to put it in.

Goat Cheese Pizza August 7 2012

Saturday I ended up having goat cheese pizza. Yeah, it was just as amazing as it sounds. So delicious!

Pasta Salad August 7 2012

Sunday morning I decided on putting the zucchini in a pasta salad. I made this salad once before and it was pretty good, so I figured it was worthy of my zucchini. It didn’t disappoint.

Trail Mix Augst 7 2012

I’ve been watching a lot of Olympic soccer. I spent Monday afternoon watching the Canada – US women’s game while eating Olympic mix. Yeah, I’m cool like that. It was a crazy intense game, non-stop action. If you didn’t watch it you missed out on two hours of amazing soccer. The outcome (and reffing) of the game is a whole other post though, so I’ll end by saying that both teams played their hearts out and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Pride and Prejudice August 7 2012

I also spent a good chunk of time this weekend reading one of my favourite books – Pride and Prejudice. This has to be one of the most popular books ever. It always makes me think of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. If you haven’t seen that movie you need to see it soon!

Did you do anything exciting with your extra day off?

Long Weekend August 3 2012

1. It’s a long weekend! You can’t go wrong with Mondays that you don’t have to work.

2. It’s the second last long weekend of the summer. It’s gone by so fast already.

3. We had a rainy day here yesterday, but the weekend is supposed to be nice. I think we’re pretty lucky with that timing.

4. There’s a zucchini growing in the garden that I really want to pick, but I know I have to wait. It’s driving me crazy, cause I think it’s going to taste AMAZING!

5. Only two more weeks until my vacation starts. I’m so looking forward to it.

6. While on vacation, we’ll be celebrating the first birthday of a very special little guy. I can’t wait.

7. I’m thinking I’m going to take some time out to watch some Olympic soccer. The Canadian women’s team has made it to the quarter finals. Exciting!

8. Hoping you enjoy your weekend!

Apparently I forgot to hit publish on this post yesterday. Whoops. So here it is, better late than never, right?

Olympics July 28 2012

1. The Olympics are here. It feels like it’s taken forever for them to arrive, and I’m sure they’ll fly by way too fast.

2. I have birthday party plans tonight. It should be fun.

3. The work week is over! This week at work has seemed really long. I’m glad I have a few days off before I have to go back.

4. I’ve started sewing again this week. That means the quilt that I was trying to finish in time for Christmas is finally seeing the light of day again – only 7 months AFTER I wanted it done…..

5. Less than a month til I go on vacation. It’s my first vacation in a long time. I’m so looking forward to it.

6. I have a date this weekend. Fun stuff.

7. I usually listen to the radio when I’m at work. Lately it’s really been bugging me that they’re playing the same songs over and over, like every two hours. Really?!?! Is there only two hours worth of music out there?

8. Happy Friday! (Or should I say Saturday?)