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Garden Harvest October 1 2012 (1)

Last night I picked the last of the veggies left in the garden. We’re supposed to get a rain/snow mix today. I can’t believe in 12 hours we’ll have snow. I’m so not ready for winter yet.

Garden Harvest October 1 2012 (3)

We’ve had frost already a couple times, so a couple of my tomatoes and one of my zucchinis were done, but for the most part I made out pretty good. While there’s still lots of tomatoes that are green and need to ripen, that’s okay with me. They’ll still be just as tasty once they turn red. The tomatoes are super sweet this year. I don’t know if it was the kind of seeds I planted or what, but I don’t remember them ever being so sweet.

Garden Harvest October 1 2012 (2)

I think I’m going to use a couple of the zucchinis to make zucchini bread. It’s so tasty and it always disappears so fast in this house.

Did you have a garden this summer? How did you make out?

I know I’ve mentioned my garden quite a few times on the blog, so I thought I’d finally show it to you!

Garden August 14 2012 (1)

As you can tell, it’s jam packed. The big leaves are the zucchini plants. They’re planted in the very back, but they like to have lots of room, so they’ve spread out quite a bit. I honestly didn’t think they’d get that big. I guess I’ll know for next year.

The tomatoes are next to the zucchini plants. There’s lots of flowers on those guys, and some green tomatoes are beginning to grow. When I bought the seeds a couple years ago I thought they were going to be planted in containers, so the guy selling them suggested cherry tomatoes. It shouldn’t take too long for them to ripen – I think I’ll be eating them in less than a month.

There’s also three or four cucumber plants in there, but they’re not doing so well. A couple weeks after I planted them we had a few hail storms and they got beat up pretty bad. Only one of them died, but the rest of them are just now starting to flower. I really don’t think they’ll have enough time to grow.

Garden August 14 2012 (2)

We have tonnes of lettuce this year. My dad went a little crazy planting it. I think we have enough for half our neighbourhood. I guess that’ll mean we’ll have more room for other veggies next year.

There’s also some basil and rosemary in there, that I forgot to take pictures of. Those are the only two plants that we bought. The rest of the garden is planted from seeds. If you’re curious about where I got the seeds from, this is the guy I got my tomato seeds from (Casey’s Heirloom Tomatoes), and this is where I got the rest of my seeds (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds).

Have you planted a garden this summer? What do you have growing in it?

Remember those seeds I started a couple months ago? Well they’ve grown. A lot.

Those are the zucchini’s. While the cucumbers and tomatoes are doing great too, the zucchini’s needed some major help. They were too big for the cups that I had them planted in.

I ended up getting some pots at the dollar store to plant them into. Really, they’re not going to be in these for too long cause they’re eventually going into the garden once it gets nice enough outside, so pots from the dollar store will do just fine.

I ended up re-potting this tomato too cause it was looking pretty sad – he needed room to grow! While this isn’t one of the ones that I started from seed, he was still only four or five inches tall when I bought him. He’s grown a lot since then, and he even has flowers that will be blooming in a couple weeks!

Once I had them all transplanted I took them outside for a little bit so that I could water them in good. Don’t they look a lot happier now?

A couple weeks ago I went to the dollar store to get some supplies to start seeds indoors. There’s still some snow outside, and the last frost date here isn’t til the end of May, so I generally can’t start planting outside til then. Starting seeds inside is the perfect solution.

At the dollar store I bought some plastic cups and a couple containers to put them in – substantially cheaper than those seed starting trays you get at the garden center. Plus because the cups are so much bigger, they probably won’t have to be transplanted before they go outside.

I put holes in the bottom of the cups for drainage. I won’t mention how many times I almost took off a finger – it’s definitely harder than it looks!

I filled them with some potting soil, planted the seeds, and watered them in well. I have tomato, zuchini, and cucumber started. I wanted to get a couple other veggies going too, but it’s still too early to start those ones. It was pretty tempting to plant them though.

I started them two weekends ago, and there’s already a couple zuchinis and cucumbers sprouting. I’m so excited! It now feels like spring might almost be on the way.

If you’re a gardener have you started any seeds? For those of you in warmer climates, have you started gardening outside yet?