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Goals April 2013


In March I wanted to practice yoga once and week and journal three times a week.

The yoga turned out pretty good – I only missed one week. I forgot how good it feels to practice, and I think I’ll try to continue doing it a couple times a month.

While getting back into the habit of journaling was definitely a challenge at first, it felt pretty comfortable by the end of the month. At the beginning I was struggling with finding the time and topics to write about. The last week or two have been a lot easier though.

Here’s what I want to do in April:

Workout 4 times a week. I’ve been pretty consistent with my workouts lately. Soccer starts later this month which I’m really excited about, but I also think it’ll make it tough to get my morning workouts in. The games don’t end until 9, so by the time I get home, showered, and in bed it’s close to 10. Being up that late makes it tough for me to get up early to workout the next day, but I’m going to commit to getting in 4 workouts every week.

Watch less TV. Over the last while I’ve been watching more and more TV. It’s so easy do go over the winter – it’s cold and snowy outside, the nights get longer, and all I want to do it curl up on the couch under a blanket. But the amount of TV I’m watching right now is kind of embarrassing. I want to cut down so I can spend more time doing the things that are important to be instead of mindlessly watching bad reality TV.

Do you have any goals for April?

Smash Burger February 13 2013 (1)

I went out for lunch with my dad for lunch on Friday. We ended up at Smash Burger.

Smash Burger February 13 2013 (2)

We split an order of sweet potato fries. You can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries, they’re so tasty!


After getting some laundry and housework done in Saturday, the boyfriend and I had a date night. We got dinner and then went back to his place to watch Rush Hour with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Who would have thought those two actors would be so funny together?

Shouldice Park February 3 2013 (4)

Sunday I went for a walk by the river. It was a beautiful day.

City of Bones February 4 2013

I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon reading a book. Thrillers usually aren’t my first choice, but a friend lent this one to me, so I thought I’d try it. I’m glad I did cause I’m almost half done already.

Are you reading anything good right now?

Shouldice Park February 3 2013 (1)

This morning my dad and I went to Shouldice Park for a walk along the river. The last time I was there was a couple summers ago for a friend’s baseball game, so it had definitely been awhile.

Shouldice Park February 3 2013 (3)

This morning was nearly perfect walking weather. There wasn’t any wind, the sun was out, and the path was mostly snow and ice free. The only down side was that there were quite a few other people out taking advantage of the nice weather, so it was pretty busy.

Shouldice Park February 3 2013 (4)

The river was really pretty even though it looked amazingly cold. We ended up walking a little over 2 miles in just over 35 minutes.

Have you been on any pretty walks lately?

Snowy Trees November 22 2012 (1)

We got a lot of snow yesterday. So much, that there was a heavy snowfall warning issued. Luckily the snow is done falling. Despite the shovelling and slippery roads, it did make things look pretty beautiful.

Snowy Trees November 22 2012 (3)

The trees in the backyard looked so pretty with the sun coming up behind them. Views like this make getting up early worth it.

Mandarin Oranges November 22 2012

Have I mentioned that I’m currently obsessed with mandarin oranges? I can’t get enough of them. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been eating a ton of them lately. I think it must be that I only ever eat them at Christmas. I’ll eat regular sized oranges year round, but there’s something about the little ones that make them so much better!

What’s your current favourite food that you can’t get enough of?

Saturday Morning Walk November 17 2012 (1)

When I got out of bed this morning it looked like it was going to be a gorgeous day outside, so I knew I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather. A couple hours later I headed out for a walk. There’s quite a few paths close to my house, so I decided to tackle one of them.

While there wasn’t much snow, the snow that was on the paths was kind of slippery cause it’d been walked on so much. Being as klutzy as I am, I’m surprised I only had one close call slipping.

Saturday Morning Walk November 17 2012 (2)

There were some gorgeous views of the mountains. I should have brought my camera with me, cause the camera on my phone isn’t good enough to pick up the mountains in the background very well.

While I wasn’t out for too long (30 minutes , about 1.4 miles), I still enjoyed myself. It was a great way to spend part of my Saturday.

Last week my dad and I went out to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park for another hike. It’s a good thing we went when we did cause we’re supposed to be getting up to 20 centimetres of snow by tonight.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (5)

We decided to start off by taking the Tiger Lily Loop. We didn’t go this way last time cause I had my bike and bikes weren’t allowed on this path.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (8)

I thought the field looked so cool with the lines in it. The mountains were really clear that day too.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (17)

It was really windy the day we went, but not necessarily cold. I was the perfect temperature with a hoodie and capris, but the wind was doing a number on my hands, so I had to put on my mitts. BTW, my hair usually doesn’t look like that, it was the wind, I promise.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (24)

Since part of the park used to be a quarry there’s equipment and old buildings left behind. It’s pretty cool to think that these things were here about a hundred years ago.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (123)

The only thing that survived a house fire was this fireplace.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (28)

We had gotten an early start for our hike, so the sun was just starting to hit some of the western slopes. These leaves still had frost on them.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (32)

This section of the park is so pretty with all the bare trees. I bet it would be gorgeous in the summer in full bloom too.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (36)

The bright yellow leaves were such a contrast with the blue sky.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (66)

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (87)

Gates like this kept the bikes out but pedestrians could go right through.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (90)

This building served as the general store and post office til they were closed down.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (104)

It’s kind of funny to think of rich people building their houses out here in the middle of nowhere.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (106)

I can see why they’d want to though, they’d have amazing views from on top of that hill.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (111)

I know it doesn’t look like it from this photo, but the hill that that path goes up is monstrously huge. As in your legs and butt burn by the time you make it to the top. It’s definitely a good workout, but pretty exhausting too.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 17 2012 (113)

You can’t go wrong with the Bow River and mountains in the same photo.

Woohoo! Here’s what I have going on this weekend:

1. Pride and Prejudice on Saturday night. I’m super excited about this. It’s one of my favourite books, can I can’t wait to see it in theatre form. I follow Theatre Calgary on Twitter, and they’ve been tweeting sneak peaks about the performance. Every time i read one I get a little more excited.

2. The weather isn’t going to be very nice this weekend. The forecast is for rain, snow, and cold temperatures. Summer is definitely long gone. I might already miss the sun and warmth a little bit.

3. It’s amazing how fast the leaves are changing outside. We had a bunch of wind the other day, and it blew most of the leaves off the tree right outside my bedroom window. It looks so sad now. I need to get outside more and enjoy the changing seasons. Before I know it, it’ll be winter already.

4. I’ve been craving candy corn like crazy for the last couple weeks. I finally broke down and bought some this week. I haven’t had any in a couple years, and it’s honestly not as good as I remembered it to be. Kind of a disappointment, but it still hits the spot when my sweet tooth acts up.

5. I bought a lock for my bike a couple days ago. There’s been a couple times when I’ve wished I’d have had one. Now I do and I can ride my bike, then leave it to walk the rest of the way. It’ll come in particularly useful in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park where there are a few spots that you’re not allowed to ride your bike.

6. I recently got photos printed from over the summer. Everything from soccer to vacation. I’m pretty happy now that I have them all labelled and in an album. I feel so organized

The State of Africa and Sense and Sensibility October 17 2012

7. I’m reading two really good books right now. I haven’t had much time to read this week, but I really want to put in a couple hours this weekend. The books are Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen and The State of Africa by Martin Meredith in case you were wondering.

8. That’s all I have. Enjoy your weekend!

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (7)

Monday I ended up finishing at work a little earlier than usual. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to go for a bike ride. I’m pretty lucky to have so many bike paths so close to the house.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (1)

I rode over the pedestrian bridge that goes over the highway. I know it doesn’t look very long, but while you’re on it it feels like it takes forever to get to the other side.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (2)

I had never gone for a walk or bike ride in this neighbourhood before, though I do go there to go grocery shopping sometimes. It’s totally different going on foot than it is by car.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (3)

I’m always paranoid I’m going to get lost, so I made sure to pick out landmarks to be able to find my way back. Once I take this path a couple more times I’ll figure it out.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (5)

The weather was perfect. It was a sunny day with not many clouds in the sky. I wore a hoodie but once I got started going I was hot. I could have done without it.

Bike Ride October 15 2012 (6)

I definitely need to do more post work workouts. Most of the time I don’t cause I’m tired, but I felt like I had a ton of energy afterwards.

Even though I wasn’t out for very long, my legs got a great workout. When I got off my bike back at the house my legs felt like jello.

When’s your favourite time to workout?

Bowmont October 6 2012 (2)

Saturday my dad and I decided to take a walk in Bowmont. We wanted something a little different though, so we went to a different part of Bowmont (Bowmont runs through several neighbourhoods, and is pretty large).

Bowmont October 6 2012 (9)

I always think this pedestrian bridge is so cute. Whenever I go for walks with with my friend, her daughter always asks if we can go to the bridge. Apparently bridges are as much fun for 3 year olds as they are for 29 year olds.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (1)

The bridge leads from the residential side of the river to Bowmont on the other.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (10)

To the west are the mountains, though you can’t see them in this photo.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (11)

To the east of the pedestrian bridge is the train bridge.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (3)

In the spring when the snow is melting from the mountains this is mostly water. Now that it’s cold again, the water has gone back down. It’s amazing how much it changes in just a matter of months.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (5)

A dry riverbed. I’d get washed away if I tried to stand in the same spot in June.


Bowmont October 6 2012 (7)

While we were by the train bridge a train came by, so I had to get a photo of it. It was a lot louder than I thought it would be.

While it wasn’t a long walk, it was still nice to get out and enjoy a nice day.

Did you do anything active this weekend?

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (1)

Last week my dad and I went to a new park. It’s a little over a year old, and it was the first time we’d visited it.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (4)

Just a couple minutes from the parking lot we came to a lookout with some amazing views.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (5)

It’s easy to understand why people settled here way back in the day. It’s such a pretty place.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (23)

Most of the paths were bike accessible, though there were a few where bikes weren’t allowed. I definitely want to come back and explore more of the park, especially the trails where I couldn’t take my bike.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (8)

There were lots of interpretive signs along the way to point interesting things out.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (10)

It’s pretty cool to think that even though the house that was once here is long gone, the fireplace still survives.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (12)

There were all kinds of browns and golds everywhere. I’d love to come back here at different times through the year to see how it changes. I bet it would be beautiful in the spring.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park September 28 2012 (21)

I rode my bike while my dad walked. The parking lot is at the top of a huge hill, and all the paths I saw lead down. By the time we started back to the car, I was tired but we still had to go back up the hill. I made it 3/4 of the way up before my legs felt like jello and I couldn’t pedal anymore, so I had to walk my bike up the last part. Next time I’m going to bike all the way up that hill!