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Thursday when I was done work around lunch time I went out for lunch at my favourite Vietnamese place. There were spring rolls, fried wontons, and dumplings involved. All amazingly delicious but not so good for me.

Car Wash March 29 2013 (1)

After lunch I ended up at the car wash cause the car was pretty dirty. I can’t be the only one who still gets excited about the car wash like a five year old, right?

Friday night I was invited to a friend’s place for homemade pizza. I brought over some Corona to share, cause really if you’re going to be eating some good pizza, you might as well wash it down with some beer. The first pizza was barbecued chicken, and the second was pepperoni and onions. While I like both of them, the pepperoni pizza was definitely my favourite.

Fake Cheesecake March 31 2013

Saturday afternoon I made a “fake cheesecake” for Easter dinner Sunday. There’s no cream cheese and you don’t have to bake it. It’s definitely not a real cheesecake, but for putting in a minimal effort, it’s pretty tasty.

Once the cheesecake was done I went for a walk. It was beautiful out – there were lots of other people and dogs taking advantage of the nice weather.

Easter 2013 March 31 2013 (1)

Sunday was all about Easter. I went to church in the morning, and had an Easter dinner with the family in the afternoon. There also might have been a little chocolate eaten. Cause it’s not Easter until you eat a chocolate egg or chocolate bunny, right?


Yoga March 31 2013

My first workout this week was yoga. Since I’m finding it hard to get my weekly yoga session in, I thought I’d do it right off the bat so I wouldn’t have any excuses.

30 Day Shred DVD March 31 2013

Wednesday morning I decided on doing level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. I realized that even though sometimes I feel frustrated at not being “strong enough”, I’m definitely stronger than I was a couple months ago. I’m getting stronger, even if it sometimes feel like I’m not.

Bowmont March 31 2013

After work Wednesday afternoon I had a walking date with a friend. We tried going in a different direction, and I’m glad we did. We found a new 45 minute loop. Even better, there’s an off leash dog park along it, so the dogs will definitely enjoy that next time.

Walk March 31 2013

Saturday afternoon I went for another walk. We’ve had pretty nice weather lately and I’ve really been trying to take advantage of it after the cold snowy winter we’ve had.

Friday afternoon I went out for lunch with my dad to a new pizza place near us, The Rock. I meant to take a picture of our pizza, but by the time I remembered, it was all eaten. Out pizza was supposed to have black olives, Italian sausage, and meatballs, but unfortunately we ended up not having any meatballs at all, which was disappointing.

Friday night was date night. The boyfriend and I originally had plans to go to an Irish pub a couple blocks from his place, but instead we ended up with takeout sushi from Kinjo. I ordered a veggie roll and a California roll, but there was no way I could finish it all. It was just too much food.

Saturday morning I met up with a friend to go for a walk. It was snowing and cold, but we went anyways. I’m glad we did, cause it was really pretty with the snow on the trees.

Sunday morning the boyfriend and I ended up going out for breakfast at a breakfast buffet. I had French toast, some hash browns (who can resist them, they’re so tasty), and fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. I think the fruit was my favourite part of the buffet.


After a few errands we watched Red back at his place. I think Helen Mirren is an amazing actress, so I was excited to see her in an action movie. She was great in it!

Green Beer March 17 2013

Sunday afternoon was spent at a pub drinking green beer with my brother and a few of his friends. When our server asked if I wanted my Grasshopper green I said yes. While we were there in addition to green beer, I also saw some green wine.

Did you do anything special for St Patrick’s Day?

One on One Training with Jackie DVD March 16 2013

Monday and Friday I did workouts from One on One Training with Jackie. Monday was lower body and Friday was upper body.

Walk 2

Wednesday was beautiful, so I ended up going to a walk.

Walk 1

Today I went for a walk with a friend. It’s a good thing I was meeting her, cause if it was up to me I would have lasted about 5 minutes. It was cold (-20 with the wind chill) and snowy. But it was also pretty seeing the snow on the trees.

What kind of workouts did you do this week?

Bowmont March 13 2013 (2)

Yesterday it was beautiful outside. It was warm and the sun was out. It was awesome, so I decided to go for a walk.

I forgot my ipod at home, so I didn’t get to listen to the podcast that I downloaded. I thought the walk would be the perfect opportunity to listen to it, so I planned for a 50 minute walk. The podcast ended when I was within sight of the car, so I think it timed it pretty good.

The way out was pretty relaxing cause I was going downhill. However the way back was definitely tough. I forgot how big the hills are. As tough as it was though, it was a great leg workout.

I’m seriously craving spring. I’m ready for the snow to go away and for the green grass and flowers to arrive. I was on the lookout for any crocuses starting to come up, but I didn’t see any. Really, I know it’s probably too early, but I couldn’t help looking.

Does it feel like spring where you live?

One on One Training with Jackie DVD

Monday’s workout was the 20 minute upper body section from Training with Jackie. I’m always surprised at how exhausted I am after doing it. It might only be 20 minutes, but I’m working HARD during that time.

Power Yoga DVD

Wednesday I decided on yoga. While this definitely isn’t my favourite workout, it was still good. I’m really trying to spend more time stretching. I always forget how good I feel after yoga.

Walk March 9 2013

This morning I had a walking date with a friend. We did a 50 minute loop from her place, to the river, and back. It was absolutely beautiful outside today. The sun was out and it was warm. I actually ended up having to take my gloves off on the way back cause I was getting too hot.

What was your favourite workout of the last week?

Confederation Park February 4 2013 (2)

Earlier in the week I took advantage of the beautiful weather we’re having and went for a walk in Confederation Park. I rediscovered this park a couple years ago, and now I like to walk here every couple of months.

Confederation Park February 4 2013 (3)

Because of the water in the park, there’s ducks! They’re not very scared of people (they’re fed a lot), so sometimes they’ll get pretty close. Today they weren’t very interested in me.

Confederation Park February 4 2013 (4)

There’s not much open water left right now, but it must be enough for them. It’s pretty fun to see the babies in the summer – they’re so cute!

Confederation Park February 4 2013 (5)

One day I’m going to figure out what that thing is. I’ve never seen a sign explaining what it is. Anyone know or have any suggestions?

Shouldice Park February 3 2013 (3)

1. The weather has been beautiful lately. However, the chinook headaches haven’t been so much fun. There has to be some sort of middle ground between half decent weather and no headaches.

2. I got to hang out with a friend yesterday. She’s working now, so while we don’t get to hang out as much, we definitely make the best of the time that we do have together.

3. I made granola this week. It’s felt like forever since I last made it. I forgot how good it is compared to the store bought stuff.

4. I’m finally reading the last book in the Little Women series. I’ve been putting it off cause I don’t want it to be over.

5. The last of the seeds that I ordered online arrived yesterday. I can’t wait until it’s time to start them inside.

6. Last week the boyfriend and I talked about going to Chinatown for a date. Since Sunday is the Chinese New Year, we’ve decided that’s the day we’re going to do it.

Smash Burger February 13 2013 (1)

I went out for lunch with my dad for lunch on Friday. We ended up at Smash Burger.

Smash Burger February 13 2013 (2)

We split an order of sweet potato fries. You can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries, they’re so tasty!


After getting some laundry and housework done in Saturday, the boyfriend and I had a date night. We got dinner and then went back to his place to watch Rush Hour with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Who would have thought those two actors would be so funny together?

Shouldice Park February 3 2013 (4)

Sunday I went for a walk by the river. It was a beautiful day.

City of Bones February 4 2013

I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon reading a book. Thrillers usually aren’t my first choice, but a friend lent this one to me, so I thought I’d try it. I’m glad I did cause I’m almost half done already.

Are you reading anything good right now?

Shouldice Park February 3 2013 (1)

This morning my dad and I went to Shouldice Park for a walk along the river. The last time I was there was a couple summers ago for a friend’s baseball game, so it had definitely been awhile.

Shouldice Park February 3 2013 (3)

This morning was nearly perfect walking weather. There wasn’t any wind, the sun was out, and the path was mostly snow and ice free. The only down side was that there were quite a few other people out taking advantage of the nice weather, so it was pretty busy.

Shouldice Park February 3 2013 (4)

The river was really pretty even though it looked amazingly cold. We ended up walking a little over 2 miles in just over 35 minutes.

Have you been on any pretty walks lately?